Civil Suit Against Club

OS No. PA-24NCvC-358-05/2021

This is an update on the legal suit brought by the following Members (“Plaintiff”) against the Club:-

1) Ng Lee Choo (N344C)

2) Ooi Suan Huah (O929)

3) Yap Tien Soon (Y431)

4) Wong Jong Peng (W457)

5) Beh Ping Seng (B0750)

6) Joseph Teoh Boon Aun (T0584)

7) Walvin Lorenz Charles Labrooy (L1110)

8) Wong Yi-Xiao (W755)

9) Pierre Camillus Boudville (B0861)

The court had on 23 November 2021 awarded the sum of RM4,160.00 to the club for the following: –

(i) the Plaintiffs’ ex-parte application was struck out with cost of RM3,000.00;

(ii) RM1,000.00 as cost thrown away in respect of the postponement by the Plaintiffs of their Originating Summons against the Club; and

(iii) RM160.00 being the allocator fees.

The relevant order and certificate both dated 23 November 2021 are attached herein for Member’s reference. The said order and the certificate are also posted at the Club’s Notice Board.

By the Order of the Committee
17 December 2021