Civil Suit Against Club
OS No. PA-24NCvC-358-05/2021

We wish to inform Members that the Club has been sued in respect of the repair works beneath the children’s swimming pool, the structure below the Snake Temple, the structure of the old Scuba Room, and the Pump Room by the following persons: –

1) Ng Lee Choo (N344C)
2) Ooi Suan Huah (O929)
3) Yap Tien Soon (Y431)
4) Wong Jong Peng (W457)
5) Beh Ping Seng (B0750)
6) Amreet Singh Gill a/l Gurdev Singh (G504)
7) Joseph Teoh Boon Aun (T0584)
8) Walvin Lorenz Charles Labrooy (L1110)
9) Wong Yi-Xiao (W755)
10) Pierre Camillus Boudville (B0861)

The essence of the 10 members’ suit is to stop the Club from proceeding with the repair works recommended by the Development Committee of the Club under the budget approved in two previous AGMs.

The suit is pending at the court. A copy of the suit is posted at the Club’s Notice Board.

The Club is resisting the application.


By the Order of the Committee
28 September 2021