New System

30th October 2020

To all Ordinary Members, and Ordinary Transferable Members
Penang Swimming Club

Notification Pursuant to Rule 27(n)
Proposed payment for Albatrozz(hardware and software) Installation

Implementation of new Computer System
The project under the leadership and management of the IT Sub Committee is now ready for implementation.

The Project is to install a new computer system, to replace the present archaic software.This new system will integrate the Accounting to Membership, as well as other key functions such as Security, FB Outlets, Store, Library etc. The result is an integral system and is expected to greatly improve the efficiency of the Club’s operations.

At the AGM on September 20th, 2020, Members approved the Computer System budget totalling RM430,000.00 with the following itemized budget,
1. Albatrozz (Software)-RM337,000.00
2. Albatrozz (Hardware)-RM68,000.00
3 Others (IT hardware replacement e.g. computer, printer, POS)-RM25,000.00

Proposed payment
The club intends to make the following two payments to the vendor in due course:
1. A deposit of RM158,095.00;
2. A progress payment of RM105,657.30

By Order of the Committee

Chew Saw Hoon
Honorary Secretary