Dear PSC members,


As most of you know, we had an AGM on the 13th of March, Sunday. However, during the first item of the AGM (the election of the Main Committee members), several members reported irregularities with regards to the ballot papers. Some members received ballot papers that did not contain a serial number and several others received more than one ballot paper. Due to the reported irregularities especially with regards to members having more than one ballot paper, I, as the Chairperson of the AGM, declared the AGM null and void.


To find out the cause of the irregularities, the Main Committee had a postmortem meeting on 18th of March (Friday) with all the staff on duty during the AGM. During the postmortem, the staff explained that insufficient numbered ballot papers were printed for the AGM. There were 360 numbered ballot papers printed but more than 400 members attended the AGM. Members which came after 3pm insisted to enter the hall which makes the number more than 400.


As such, our ex-GM instructed some of the staff to print out new ballot papers, but those ballot papers did not contain a serial number.


During the distribution of the ballot papers, some members were issued serialized ballot papers while some received un-serialized ones. When some members who received un-serialized ballot papers reported it to the staff, they were issued a serialized ballot paper. However, some of the members were not asked to return the un-serialized ballot paper, thereby causing some members to have two ballot papers.


We’re now waiting for further instructions from the Registrar of Societies to see how we can proceed. I will keep you all updated on this matter once we receive a reply from the ROS.


Najieb Ariff
25th March 2022