Important Notice

2nd April 2021

To All Ordinary and Ordinary Transferable Members,
Penang Swimming Club


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an Extraordinary General Meeting called by the Committee will be held on the 22nd April 2021, Thursday at 3.00pm at the Multi-Purpose Hall, Level 14, for the purpose of considering and, if thought fit, passing the following Resolutions:

Resolution 1 – Appropriation of Development Fund

That the Committee be allowed to appropriate the sum of RM4,776,568.79 from the Development Fund to the Lease Premium Fund for the purpose of the payment of the acquisition of the land lease. And consequently, the circularization under Rule 38B(d) of the Penang Swimming Club Rules be dispensed with in respect of the payment the acquisition of land lease from the Lease Premium Fund.

Resolution 2 – Appointment of Internal Auditor

To elect an Internal Auditor to replace the Internal Auditor appointed in the Annual Gen held on 20 September, 2020 who had since resigned.

Resolution 3 – To cancel the approved IT budget

That the approved budget for the IT System Project in the Annual General Meeting September, 2020 be cancelled.


Thank you

By Order of the Committee

Chew Saw Hoon
Honorary Secretary