Important Notice

2nd April 2021

To All Ordinary and Ordinary Transferable Members
Penang Swimming Club

Notification Pursuant to Club 38A(d)
Proposed Expenditure from the Development Fund of the Club

Pursuant to Rule 38A(d) of the Club Rules, Members are hereby informed that the Committee, as recommended by the Development Committee, proposes to expend the amount of RM950,000.00 from the Development Fund for the repair of the structure beneath the children’s swimming pool, the structure below the Snake Temple the structures of the old Scuba Room, and the Pump Room(collectively “the structures”).

It is recommended that repair works be carried out immediately to prevent the structures from corroding further and to maintain the safety of Members.


A total of 4 tenders were submitted and reviewed by the Quantity Surveyor Messrs. Perunding Kos Bersatu Sdn. Bhd and the Development Committee. The quotation from Messrs. Lim Chuanh Hock & Sons Sdn Bhd of RM854,000.00 was accepted by the Committee.

The breakdown of RM950,000.00 is as follows:

  1. Messrs. Lim Chuan Hock & Sons Sdn Bhd – RM 854,000.00
  2. Contingency Sum – RM 35,496.00
  3. Quantity Surveyor Fees – Perunding Kos Bersatu Sdn. Bhd. – RM 18,104.00
  4. Civil & Structural Engineering Consultation Fees – RM 42,400.00

The repair works are estimated to be completed within 4 Months from commencement of the works.


Chew Saw Hoon
Hon. Secretary